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If you have a relative who served as a Bevin Boy and their name is not on my Page of Remembrance please contact me so I can add their details.


I am afraid I cannot find out information on individual Bevin Boys as the British Governmennt destroyed almost all their records in the 1950s.  The only surviving records are from the Midlands area, of which I have a download on my website.



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  • jon everett (Wednesday, December 13 23 04:59 pm GMT)

    Jaye, My dad Ronald Walter Everett assigned to Easington Pit, County Durham. The song Bevin Boys by UK Rock Band DENIGH is a tribute to his service.

  • Lesley Miller (Wednesday, September 20 23 03:24 pm BST)

    Thankyou for your wonderful page honouring the memory of Bevin Boys. My uncle Thomas Leo Keating (born 22nd June 1924) was conscripted and died 1949 from Tuberculosis which his brother believed was caused from the mines. I would appreciate his name added to Page of remembrance

  • Sophie Robinson (Sunday, November 13 22 12:39 pm GMT)

    Mr Grandfather, Thomas Herbert Sargent was a Bevin boy and received his veteran badge. He passed away in 2016 aged 92. Please could you add him to your list of remembrance. Thank you

  • Coralie Turpin (Tuesday, September 20 22 05:10 pm BST)

    I am an artist designing a memorial mosaic in Swadlincote. Do you have any specific information about that area? And photos of pit checks? Thank you
    Coralie Turpin

  • Brian J. McHugh (Friday, March 04 22 05:49 pm GMT)

    The Bevin Boys were told that their service during the war would exempt them from National Service after the war, but the government reneged on their promise and called them up for 3 years. Shameful!

  • Clive Bellamy (Friday, December 10 21 07:05 pm GMT)

    Hi. My only uncle, my mother's older brother Maurice David Scotford, Onslow Road, Sheffield, was a Bevin Boy. Unfortunately I don't have any more details for him, such as DoB, or service.

  • Janis Wheelhouse nee Crerar (Thursday, November 11 21 02:55 pm GMT)

    My father was a Bevin Boy in the mines of Northumberland. His name was George Crerar. He was born in May 1926 and died February 1989. He never talked about his experiences but would love any information.

  • Chris Grunsell (Saturday, October 30 21 12:57 pm BST)

    My late father was a Bevin Boy understood to be in the Nottingham area, His name was Frank Henry Grunsell, Born 7.11.1926. any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • Derek Robinson (Friday, July 23 21 08:24 am BST)

    Hi, can you tell me if my dad was a Bevin boy. His name was Alfred Valentine Doidge 14/2/1914 he died in 1988. My mum told me he was but she did tell fibs so cant be sure. He was in Nottinghamshire.

  • Linda Loft NE Wilson (Tuesday, May 25 21 06:06 pm BST)

    Could you tell me if my father was a Bevin Boy? Grand Philip Wilson date of birth 2/8/1908 died 13/1/1948 I have never seen his face and would love it if you had a photo of him please

  • Barbara Cobb (Thursday, December 03 20 01:57 pm GMT)

    My Father was Geoffrey Thomas Sharpe and he passed away 27.12.200. My Mum always said that he had been a Bevin Boy but my Mum told lots of fibs and I'd love to know if the information given to me is true. His address at the time was 16 Enfield Street, Nottingham. Thanking you in advance.

  • Chris Pratt (Saturday, November 28 20 06:02 pm GMT)

    What a wonderful site. Thank you! My Dad, Ernest Pratt was a Bevin Boy from 1944, aged 18, to 1948. He worked at Askern and Bentley pits in Doncaster, and afterwards at Haworth and then in the West Cumberland coalfields. When he came to Doncaster from London in 1944 he moved into lodgings that were next door to where my Mum lived! Dad died in 1995.

  • Mark Pavitt (Monday, November 09 20 09:31 am GMT)

    My late father Reginald George Pavitt 02/08/1926 was a Bevin boy but hardly spoke about his time but did keep contact with the friends he made every Christmas until his death in 1997. I wish I knew more especially around this time of year on Remembrance Sunday. RIP Dad you are missed every day.

  • Jayne McCarthy (Sunday, November 08 20 07:37 am GMT)

    I would be really grateful if you could add my father's name, Frederick James Hitchcock (dob: 25/12/22, died: 05/01/1993), to the list of Bevin Boys. I know he served in Wales, but I'm afraid I don't know which colliery.
    Thank you!

  • Alcwyn Elliott (Friday, June 26 20 06:10 pm BST)

    Great historical document of the subscripted Bevin Boys into the coal mines of the country, I would also like to mention ad thank the miners that were already working in the coal mines prior to the Bevin Boys introduction, My father and grand father and uncles were coal miners. I also became a coal miner in 1966 aged 15 1/2

  • Kathryn Lyttle(nee Roberts) (Saturday, May 09 20 12:24 pm BST)

    My father was a Bevin Boy. I think he trained at Prince of Wales and may have been at Woodlesford too. His name was Alwyn Roberts dob 28/1/1926. I wonder if you have any more information. Thankyou

  • Robert Leech (Friday, March 27 20 07:46 pm GMT)

    My late dad Brian Leech was a Bevin boy from Wrexham. I never knew until after he died in 1979. I never found out where he served. Any information would be most appreciated. His DoB was 4/5 /1928,

  • Vivian Sadler (Friday, March 13 20 11:42 am GMT)

    searching for Tom or Thomas Arnold a Bevin boy he lived 89 mainroad Amington Tamwoth

  • Catherine Stobbart (Sunday, November 10 19 12:12 pm GMT)

    My father in law George Stobbart was a Bevin Boy. He passed away in 2005 and his memory is obviously still at the forefront of our thoughts, especially on Remembrance Sunday. His efforts and those of all the Bevin Boys played a huge part in the second world war.

  • John McKenzie (Sunday, July 28 19 08:42 pm BST)

    My Dad - John DENIS McKenzie (now 93 years old) was a Bevin Boy. He was was in The Prince of Wales colliery, Pontefract. Although he talks of the experience he never wanted the medal or to see a pit again.

  • Jacqueline Swift (Tuesday, October 09 18 04:39 pm BST)

    This is a message of Lynn Partridge. I have changed your dad's name on our roll of honour.

    With the Government's decision not to allow Bevin Boys' families their badges if they had passed away before it was awarded in 2007, Warwick Taylor created a solid silver medal for families/windows of Bevin Boys and that can be ordered from here:

  • Lynn Partridge (Wednesday, October 03 18 11:08 am BST)

    My Dad - Harold Partridge - was a Bevin Boy. I believe he was was in a mine in Rugeley and/or Cannock. I would be grateful for any further information. Dad served as a Bevin Boy from November 1944. His name is on this site in the Call Up Records and also as H Partridge on the Remembrance pages. I would be grateful if this H could be changed to Harold. Dad was always very proud that he served as a Bevin Boy. Sadly Dad passed away on 31st December 2006 and so did not receive his medal. Unfortunately I cannot receive this medal posthumously on his behalf as died before June 2007. I think this is such a shame. My dad served his country and I feel quite aggrieved that I am not entitled to his medal.

  • Mark (Sunday, April 01 18 12:19 pm BST)

    A fantastic site, I am currently researching thexBevin Boys for 1940’s re enactment here in Kent

  • Diane Pike (Saturday, January 20 18 10:55 am GMT)

    My father was a Bevin Boy who volunteered in 1945 aged 18. Sadly he died aged 35 in 1965. He was in a Cannock colliery and his name was
    Geoffrey William Whiles. Any information would be treasured.

  • Janet Assheton (Sunday, November 12 17 04:14 pm GMT)

    My Dad Ronald Assheton was a Bevin Boy, Bentley Pit, Yorkshire. Sadly he died 1994, never saw the recognition of his service and unable to receive his medal.

  • Andrew Howat (Friday, October 27 17 11:08 pm BST)

    My father, John Howat, was a Bevin Boy. It would be great if I could find out anything about where or who he worked with. What I do know is that he came from Newcastle and he could have worked in Consett.

  • Jan Wood (Wednesday, January 11 17 01:20 pm GMT)

    My father was a Bevin Boy in 1944. I know that he was in lodgings in the Burslem area of The Potteries and have found his name on a list for 1944. Would like to find out which pit he was in.Can anyone point me the right direction to find the info ?

  • Mary Blake nee Milner (Tuesday, October 11 16 08:41 pm BST)

    My Grandfather Henry Milner was involved in the training of the Bevin Boys at The Government Training Centre at Cresswell. We are trying to find any information if possible of Granddads time there.

  • Karen Bate (Monday, June 06 16 04:13 pm BST)

    My grandfather was a foreman and also one of the mine safety officers at a pit in Lancashire. When I was little he told me the story of the Bevan Boys he worked with and instilled in me his own sense
    of injustice that their work and sacrifice (I believe he tried to rescue one Bevan Boy who didn't make it and several who were injured) had not been respected. He died before their work was finally
    recognised but I think he would have been applauding from heaven.

  • Lerina Stack (Monday, April 25 16 05:05 pm BST)

    I was able to attend the remembrance sunday parade at the cenotaph in 2011, l did this to honour my father Gordon Arthur Wright who passed away in April of that year, please can his name be put on
    the rememberance list. He was humbled to receive his Bevin boy badge thankyou

  • Chris morton (Friday, March 04 16 04:53 pm GMT)

    To all Bevin boys I salute you please can my fathers name be put on list thanks his name was william Patrick morton

  • James Dunn (Tuesday, December 29 15 09:29 pm GMT)

    Served in Midlothian and Lanarkshire coal fields.

  • Melanie Wright (Sunday, November 08 15 08:30 pm GMT)

    Does anyone remember Ronald Bennett.I don't know what mine he worked in. He would have been 90 this year.He died in 1998 so sadly we couldn't apply for a veteran badge.

  • David Stancill (Sunday, November 08 15 07:41 pm GMT)

    I took a party of Bevin Boys down whitemoor mine in the shel you complex. I had a photo but I have lost it during moving. Could you please let me know where I could find a copy of the photo please

  • Julia cook (Saturday, September 05 15 06:57 pm BST)

    Does anyone remember my dad John Thomas Olver who was a Bevin Boy in Wales.
    He got coal dust on his lungs and died aged 40 leaving mum with 4 children.
    He was a lovely,honest man who loved his family.
    I was 10 when he died and know nothing about his time in the mine. He suffered greatly but never once grumbled.
    I would love to hear from anyone who knew him, he would have been 90 this year.
    A true Cornish man.

  • A Booth (Tuesday, August 11 15 07:41 pm BST)

    My father was a Bevin Boy. His name was John Booth. he was from Lancashire and he worked in a colliery in Nottinghamshire. He died in 2012 but he had decided not to apply for a medal when they came
    out, I am not sure why, I think he felt embarrassed that he was not in the armed forces - he had wanted to go in the Navy but he had some medical issues I believe. He still was proud of the work he
    did though and we still have his hard hat / helmet. His name is nowhere and as my Mum has also since died she cannot apply for a medal or badge. I would like his name to be added to your list of
    remembrance but I have no documentation or details. But he lived, he served and he has now died, my father John Alwyn Booth from Bolton. Thanks for reading.

  • Laurie Sharpe (Wednesday, June 24 15 02:52 am BST)

    Does anyone have memories of Ernest (Ernie) Sharpe who trained at Askern and worked at Mexborough. I have a couple of pictures but would like to know more, sadly he passed away lady year

  • helen savory (Thursday, April 23 15 09:57 pm BST)

    Does anybody remember leslie savory, he was conscripted to the mines during the war. There was two of them from our local village of clifton bedfordshire. He didnt talk much about his life down the
    mines, and would like to know more

  • David stancill (Sunday, February 08 15 07:19 pm GMT)

    This Brings back great memories. I was one of the staff who took tne began boys down white or mine. Would like to purchase a copy of the photo.

  • Julie Hewitt (Sunday, October 26 14 04:18 pm GMT)

    My Uncle, Ronald Hewitt was apparently a Bevin Boy. He was, however, from a long line of miners.

  • Lawrence Kitchen (Thursday, September 25 14 06:31 pm BST)

    I was a Bevin Boy when I was eighteen. Reg Taylor was a close friend of mine. He did our wedding photographs. I worked at the Prince of Wales Colliery. I live in Nova Scotia Canada Tel. 902-455-0650
    would love to hear from other surviving Bevin Boys

  • Oriole Paul (nee) Edgar (Friday, July 11 14 06:30 am BST)

    My father Ian Bell Edgar told his daughters he was lined up with other conscripts and he was picked to go down the Kirconnel pit. He was a carpenter putting in the pit props.We will apply for a
    widows badge for his wife. Thank you for the acknowlegement

  • Graham Bown (Monday, July 07 14 10:02 pm BST)

    I'm proud of my Dad, Ronald. He's in this website and with the rest of 'The Boys' - he's a part of this Country's proud heritage - forever

  • jakki anslow (Wednesday, May 14 14 05:35 pm BST)

    What a wonderful site
    thank you
    I have traced my father Peter Leslie Taylor's call up record KTN 280527 June 945

  • Gillian Smith (Sunday, April 06 14 09:05 pm BST)

    My father Maurice Ward was a Bevin Boy and a member of the association. He was in the Nottinghamshire coalfields. He died 16/10/13 age 87. As a child he talked very little about his time as a Bevin
    Boy it was only when my children wanted to know more he started to talk and write things down. He was very proud of his Bevin Boy badge which was left to my son.

  • Susan & Paul (Saturday, March 22 14 10:59 pm GMT)

    Our Dad, Kenneth Grummitt, was a Bevin Boy in Nottinghamshire. He shared his story with us and then his grandchildren, and used to show us the fine dark lines of coal dust in the skin on his legs. He
    was the only young man to be conscripted locally and he was immensely proud to receive his badge and recognition a few months before he died in December 2008. Thank you so much for a marvellous

  • Mark Truby (Thursday, March 06 14 10:54 pm GMT)

    Just wondering if anyone knew or have read of anything about my grandad Ronald Tapping. He was a Bevin Boy in the war and I'd love to find out more about that time.

  • Richard Mogg (Monday, January 06 14 07:16 pm GMT)

    I just wondered if anyone knew my dad David Mogg who was at Canterbury Training mine in 1944 aged 19, unfortunately he died in 1997 but he told he was near Deal I think, he didn't like the mines and
    left to join the Artillery and ended up in Portsmouth.

  • William. Smith (Friday, November 22 13 02:13 pm GMT)

    I was as a. Bevin boy and spent my life being ashamed never told anyone that I was in the mines. When all my friends were called up for the forces. I contracted T B there but was told if you are off
    work again you will be prosecuted and sent to jail

  • charles stewart (Wednesday, October 02 13 10:53 pm BST)

    my father Charles stewart was a bevin boy who wanted to go to navy but ran away from themines to join the Gordon highlanders

Bevin Boy Veteran Badge


Badge can be issued to men who were conscripted directly into the mines, those who opted for mine work in preference to joining the Armed Forces, or those who were in the Armed Forces and volunteered to become miners during the period 1942-1948.

The Bevin Boys scheme was introduced in 1942 by the then Minister for Labour and National Service, Ernest Bevin. The scheme ran between 1942 and 1948 and involved recruiting men to work in coal mines during and immediately following World War 2.


The badge is available to all surviving Bevin Boys and formally recognises their work in the UK coalfields during and immediately after World War II. The badge can only be issued posthumously to the widows of men who died on or after 20 June 2007 and fall into the above category.


The application form for the badge can be found here:

Or you can contact the Department of Energy and climate change who  administer the badge

on 0300 068 5716

Bevin Boy Commemorate Medal

For the relatives of deceased Bevin Boys who do not qualify for the Government Bevin Boy Badge (those Bevin Boys who died before 2007) a Commemorative Medal has been commissioned by the Bevin Boys' Association.


The Bevin Boy Medal is available to Ballotees, Optants, Volunteers and next of kin called up between 1943 and 1948.


The medal is solid silver and can be ordered here:

Bevin Boy Medal


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